Deeply hydrating treatment for normal to dry, brittle or curly hair.

Due to the light emulsion base, the moisturising agents penetrate the hair very quickly, intensively hydrating the inner structure. Cationic polymers based on natural guar kernels fill gaps in the hair’s outer layer, ensuring a supple hair feeling.

  • Hair is dry, brittle, coarse, curly, wavy and normal to slightly porous in need of an extra dose of moisture.
  • Deeply moisturises hair.
  • Provides and binds moisture to hair.
  • Restores inner strength and elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Derivate: provides long-lasting balanced hydration of scalp and hair, smoothing the hair surface and preventing dehydration. No other natural substance can carry more water than hyaluronic acid molecules, so it is a key ingredient in our moisture technology.
    Panthenol: moisture injection that penetrates the hair to provide intense hydration and balance the hair’s natural moisture content.
    Cell Perfector Technology: provides additional care for all hair types, repairing inside and out each strand by filling structural gaps, restoring elasticity, providing strength and adding shine.